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Unlocking Horizons:
The Power of Early Spanish Learning

Our Program

Pura Vida Talk is a virtual Spanish Enrichment program for children. Native Spanish speakers guide students in this immersive program by blending conversation and cultural awareness. Through this bilingual and cultural program, kids will increase their language fluency, build confidence, develop interpersonal relationships, and learn in a friendly community. 


Pura Vida Talk is soon launching a vibrant coloring and bilingual activity book called “Hispanic Adventures.” The book is representative of the Hispanic culture, exploring 70 pages of landmarks, characters, and biodiversity of Hispanic countries. The adventure is led by mascot Paco, illustrated by Paola Flores whose background is in Arts, Entertainment, and Disney College Program at Disney World. With her artistic talent, these pages come alive with the vibrant essence of Hispanic culture. Get ready for an educational and exciting journey through colors!

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