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Accelerated Learning

Our program has been carefully designed to enable long-term learning by applying the principles of accelerated learning. Pura Vida Talk has highly qualified native Spanish-speaking teachers who are experienced professionals in child education and linguistics. Pura Vida Talk teachers will help your children learn Spanish in an enjoyable setting with a variety of engaging activities.

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Accelerated Learning (AL) and Language Acquisition

An AL class has distinguishing characteristics from a traditional language learning experience. AL does not teach grammar. Accelerated Learning begins from the foundational assumption that language is most effectively acquired in the same way that children originally acquire their native languages. Therefore, immersion is a first priority for AL.

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Since children do not acquire native languages by first learning grammar, AL does not include grammar as part of its curriculum. AL does not emphasize memorization.


Learners integrate whole phrases, words and concepts in the second language and then access those elements organically through experiential methods.

Immersive Spanish and Multicultural Experience 

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