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  • What are the benefits of Pura Vida Talk compared to other online programs?
    Students will develop confidence, fluency and proficiency in Spanish. Since our immersive program blends conversation and Hispanic cultural activities, students will develop intercultural and global competence that prepare them to succeed in today’s global society. In addition, all of our classes are LIVE [one-on-one interaction between students and instructors], unlike other online programs that offer pre-recorded classes. Research has shown that human interaction is beneficial in the process of learning or reinforcing a second language.
  • Does Pura Vida Talk have its own curriculum?
    Pura Vida Talk has developed a multi-level curriculum designed for online learning. PURA VIDA TALK’s first-rate curriculum blends a conversational instructional method with Hispanic cultural activities.
  • How many students are in each class?
    At Pura Vida Talk we believe in the benefits of personalized learning. For that reason, our groups have between 1 to 8 students in each class.
  • How is the PURA VIDA TALK’s program designed?
    Our program is designed for three (3) age ranges. (Ages 5 to 7, ages 8 to 10 and ages 11 to 13). We provide five (5) different levels per each age range. Each level comprises 20 classes, with additional resources tailored to each class for pre- or post-lesson review. Each class is designed to fulfill goals and objectives, and consists of vocabulary, comprehensible stories, songs, games and many cultural elements. These resources are never overwhelming or tedious and are never homework. Our goal is that students feel happy, interested and have fun while they learn. After all, PURA VIDA means all is great, no fuss, no stress.
  • Are the instructor’s native Spanish speakers?
    All our teachers and instructors are native-speakers and experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching Spanish
  • What are the age groups?
    We have three (3) age groups: Ages 5-7 Ages 8-10 Ages 11-13
  • How do you know what level your children should be in?
    All students must take a placement and assessment test to determine the Level that is appropriate for his Spanish skills. This test can be taken in person or online. The level is not set in stone. Based on your child’s abilities, interests and progress, they can advance to a higher level.
  • What is the Conversation assessment?
    To determine which level is the best fit, Pura Vida Talk has developed a Conversation Assessment for Ages 5-7 Ages 8-10 and Ages 11-13. This assessment uses visuals, games, plus reading and conversation evaluation sections. The level is not set in stone. Based on your child’s abilities, interests and progress, they can advance to a higher level. The assessment is Free. Schedule NOW!
  • How long will it take for your child to learn to speak Spanish?
    Our conversational Spanish classes encourage students to speak Spanish from the very first day of class. Learning Spanish depends on each kid’s curiosity, interest and practice. Our program is designed for our students to carry on simple to more complex conversations after completing a series of levels.
  • What is the cancellation and cancellation policy for classes?
    Since our classes are live and personalized, our schedule will most likely be booked. For this reason, we request that you cancel at least one (1) week before your scheduled Class. You may email us at between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to cancel. A child may make up 2 missed classes per Level. We will provide the same class in a different group or a private class if available.
  • Are children with special needs able to attend the Pura Vida Talk program?
    We embrace and believe in inclusion. At the moment, we are still working to implement a strategic plan to be able to offer interactive spaces for children with special educational needs at the hands of qualified instructors.
  • What is an Immersive language approach? Does Pura Vida Talk take an immersive approach?
    To promote your children’s bilingualism, all our classes are taught in Spanish. This creates a language-rich environment that allows our students to learn Spanish in a more authentic, natural way. Particularly as, for many, class may be the only time during the day to ask questions and sharpen their listening comprehension skills.
  • Any questions?
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at Or Call us at 630-642-1719
  • What are the Pura Vida Talk LEVELS?
    PURA VIDA TALK’s first-rate curriculum blends a conversational instructional method with Hispanic cultural activities. All of our classes, creative content, games, and activities are developed in partnership with an Educational Psychologist and a team of teachers. LEVEL 1 – Explora - Explore LEVEL 2 Acelera – Speed up! LEVEL 3 Practica– Practice! LEVEL 4 ¡Haciendo amigos! Making friends! LEVEL 5 ¡Soy un pro! – I am a pro!
  • What is a Dual Language program?
    Dual language programs, broadly defined, are educational programs in which students learn academic content in the target language - such as Spanish - and in English.
  • Are Dual Language learners a good fit for the Pura Vida Talk program?
    Dual language learners are a great fit for the Pura Vida Talk program, because we provide conversation groups to give kids a place to practice their language skills in conversation with native Spanish speakers.
  • What are the types of Dual language programs?
    Types of Dual Language programs (based on population) Developmental or maintenance Two way immersion program (These enroll a balance of native English speakers and native speakers of the target language). One Way (These enroll primarily native English speakers) Heritage language program (mainly enroll students who are dominant in English but whose parents, grandparents, or other ancestors spoke the partner language) (this is one my segment and a lot of these parents have reached out to me)
  • What are the pros and cons of these types of programs?
    Pros of Dual Language programs: Improve cognitive skills like memory, problem solving, language acquisition and reasoning abilities. Sharpens social and emotional skills Increases school engagement and academic success Promotes diversity and integration Cons of Dual Language programs: Programs are inconsistent over time. Its effectiveness is “unclear” for Grades K-3. Programs might suffer from a lack of qualified staff.
  • How can a dual language program benefit my kids' learning path?
    Dual Language programs promote bilingualism and biliteracy, grade-level academic achievement and cross-cultural competence in all students. Students maintain their native language while adding another language, and they develop pride in their own culture while developing an understanding of others.
  • What benefits aside from a second language acquisition can a language dual program can bring to my kids?
    Boost their academic achievement. Children who are exposed early to other languages display more positive attitudes to the cultures associated with those languages. The experience of learning a language introduces them to the world in ways they might otherwise have not experienced. Not only do they naturally navigate multilingual environments but acquiring a second language early in life primes the brain to learn multiple other languages, opening a world of opportunities for later on.
  • What districts Pura Vida Talk serves? (Dual Language Programs in Illinois)
    We proudly serve students in the following districts in the state of Illinois: District 41 - Glen Ellyn District 203 - Naperville District 205 - Elmhurst District 2 - Bensenville District 44 - Lombard District 45 - Villa Park District SP54 - Schaumburg District 21 - Wheeling District 25 - Arlington Heights District 57 - Mount Prospect District 62 - DesPlaines District 126 - Alsip Community Consolidated District 15 District U-46 - Elgin, Bartlett, S Elgin, Streamwood, Wayne, Portions of Carol Stream, Hoffman Estate, St. Charles, Schaumburg and West Chicago North Shore School - Highland Park District 65 - Lake Bluff District 115-67Lake Forest District 36 -Winnetka (World Languages)
  • Do I foresee my child to face any confusion when starting classes at Pura Vida Talk? Taking into consideration that they have a solid foundation as a dual language learner?
    Dual Language Learners should not have any confusion because all our classes explore content on culture and diversity using accessible vocabulary or comprehensible input, which is language input that can be understood by listeners despite them not understanding all the words and structures in it.
  • Are Homeschoolers a good fit for the Pura Vida Talk program?
    Pura Vida Talk is an educational partner, providing high-quality Spanish language and culture instruction to complement your homeschool curriculum.
  • Does Pura Vida Talk have its own curriculum?
    Pura Vida Talk has developed a multi-level curriculum designed for online learning. PURA VIDA TALK’s first-rate curriculum blends a conversational instructional method with Hispanic cultural activities.


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