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 Our Native Spanish teachers blend conversation and Hispanic Culture Activities to build multicultural competency and fluency in our students 

Personalized learning up to 7 students. 

*Open enrollment is offered seasonally

Available 2 1/2 year curriculum  

Group Classes

This program is focused on developing and improving communication skills. Our group classes give kids a place to practice their language skills outside of the classroom. Each 30-minute online class will provide a highly interactive conversational setting with our native Spanish instructors.

8-Week Program

Classes begin

January 16, 2023 through 

March 6, 2023


*Discounts will be reflected when signing up

*Starting at

Private Classes

This program is designed for children ages 5-15 and it is tailored to your child's specific interests and learning style. We provide an engaging and fun environment which allows students to retain information better while also enjoying the overall learning experience. 

Enroll anytime

$19.00/per session

*Starting at

Homeschool Program

The homeschool online Spanish enrichment program is created by a team of educators to bring you high quality immersive language lessons that are conversational and interactive. We have developed a 5 level curriculum that blends conversational instructional method with Hispanic cultural activities.


Free activities

8-Week Program

Classes begin

January 16, 2023 through 

March 6, 2023

*Discounts will be reflected when signing up

*Starting at

Immersive Learning



Live Classes
Via Zoom



Ready to Enroll? 
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Our Curriculum

PURA VIDA TALK’s first-rate curriculum blends a conversational instructional method with Hispanic cultural activities. All of our classes, creative content, games, and activities are developed in partnership with an Educational Psychologist and a team of teachers.

The goal of Spanish instruction at Pura Vida Talk is to enhance communication and cultural awareness to increase language fluency and build confidence in our students.


LEVEL 1 - Explora - Explore

Children will:

  • Learn how to introduce themselves

  • Learn how to express feelings

  • Become familiar with verbs and commands

  • Become familiar with Spanish and culture

  • Gain exposure to native Spanish conversations


Vocabulary cards for each class, games, books and activities based on age group.

This level has been designed for children to explore and learn new words, songs and stories that will fascinate them and raise more curiosity for Spanish.

Park Districts, Co-Schools or International Students 
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