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Unleash Your Child's Language Potential

Elevate Your Child's World with Our Spanish Learning Adventure!"

Experience the power of language with our dedicated team of experienced educators. With a meticulously crafted curriculum encompassing over 500 classes, we ensure a comprehensive learning journey that consistently enhances vocabulary and sharpens Spanish skills. cultures. Enroll today for an enriching journey! 

Pura Vida Way!

Private Class

3 Months 


per student

Ages 5-16

10 sessions

Live Classes

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 Group Class

1 1/2 months

was $225.00


per student


Ages 5-16

6 sessions

Live Classes

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Ages 5-16

Elevate your students' educational journey with our transformative Spanish enrichment classes for schools. Our program, guided by native Spanish teachers, doesn't just teach language—it ignites a cultural exploration, fostering genuine connections and deepening global perspectives. 

Immersive Learning



Live Classes
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Our Curriculum

PURA VIDA TALK’s first-rate curriculum blends a conversational instructional method with Hispanic cultural activities. All of our classes, creative content, games, and activities are developed in partnership with an Educational Psychologist and a team of teachers.

The goal of Spanish instruction at Pura Vida Talk is to enhance communication and cultural awareness to increase language fluency and build confidence in our students.


LEVEL 1 - Explore -Explora 

Children will:

  • Master the art of introducing themselves

  • Express their feelings and thoughts in Spanish

  • Navigate verbs and commands effortlessly for effective communication

  • Become familiar with Spanish and culture.

  • Gain exposure to native Spanish conversations


Vocabulary cards for each class, games, books and activities based on age group.

This level has been designed for children to explore and learn new words, songs and stories that will fascinate them and raise more curiosity for Spanish.

To learn more about our Youth Programs, Schools, Co-Schools, or International Schools, please get in touch with us via email at
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