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Private Classes

Virtual Via Zoom

Embark on a captivating journey of language acquisition through our private online Spanish program, offering a 100% interactive experience that guides your child from initiation to fluency. Tailored to cater to both advanced and beginner students, each 30-minute session is skillfully led by native instructors, ensuring flawless pronunciation. Crafted by seasoned educators, our lessons flexibly adapt to your child's background, needs, and interests.

Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of languages or is a dual-language learner striving to enhance their conversational skills, our program nurtures individualized linguistic growth.
Enroll today and witness your child embark on an enriching journey, where each moment becomes a step towards becoming a confident Spanish speaker!

→ 12 LIVE interactive Zoom Sessions (30 min each)

→ Customized lessons based on your child's experience and interest

→ Free trial to determine your child's fluency level

→Resources tailored to the classes 

→ Flexible schedule 



Monday through Friday

8:00 am - 6:00 pm CST

Based on Student's Availability ​​


Free Trial and Assessment

Initiate your child's journey to Spanish fluency today through a complimentary trial with one of our certified native instructors! Experience the program firsthand with a 15-minute assessment for children, allowing them to explore and discover if it aligns with their interests. This assessment not only gauges whether the program is a good fit but also evaluates the student's proficiency level. Take this step towards linguistic excellence and unlock the doors to a world of possibilities!

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