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Private Classes

Virtual Via Zoom

Program Description

Looking for an easy and affordable way for your child to learn Spanish in a one-on-one environment? Our private on-on-one online Spanish program can help your student learn Spanish whether they want a resume builder to highlight their fluency or as a beginner. Each 30-minute online class is taught by one our native instructors using the correct pronunciation and instructs the teacher to clearly enunciate Spanish. The lessons are designed by our instructors who have an educational background and will tailor each session based on the student’s experience, needs and interests to guide them on a path to success.  

→ Minimum 4 LIVE interactive Zoom Sessions (30 min each)

→ Customized lessons based on your child's experience and interest

→ Free trial to determine your child's fluency level

→Resources tailored to the classes 

→ Cancel Anytime



Monday through Friday

Based on Student Availability ​​

Pura Vida Conversational Assessment has been developed to determine which level is the best fit for our students.

This assessment uses visuals, games, reading and conversation evaluation sections.

No worries should not be stressful, after all PURA VIDA means all is great, no fuss, no stress. 


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