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Immersive Spanish Classes

For Kids From K to 8th Grade

What is Pura Vida Talk?

Welcome to Pura Vida Talk! We offer a specialized Spanish Enrichment program designed for children. Our program is led by experienced teachers and language experts who create an immersive learning environment where children can improve their Spanish skills, increase fluency, and build confidence.

Our mission is to make learning Spanish a dynamic and enriching experience, enabling children to not only grasp the language but also connect with its cultural richness. 

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Designed for children



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Private Classes

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Children Ages 5-16

Group Classes 

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Group Classes are currently unavailable. Stay tuned for new updates!

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¡Hola! Me llamo Paco. I am the Pura Vida Talk beloved mascot. Check out my new book Hispanic Adventures, a coloring and activity book that brings the Hispanic culture to life through its vibrant colors! Come with me on an adventure as we discover 70 pages of 35+ endemic animals, 12 iconic landmarks, and learn 150+new Spanish words.

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Immersive Spanish and Multicultural Experience 

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