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Fun & Immersive Spanish Classes

For Kids From K to 8th Grade

What is Pura Vida Talk?

Welcome to Pura Vida Talk! We offer a specialized Spanish Enrichment program designed for children. Our program is led by experienced native Spanish speakers who create an immersive learning environment. Through a seamless blend of engaging conversations and cultural exploration, we empower children to enhance their language fluency while fostering confidence. Our mission is to make learning Spanish a dynamic and enriching experience, enabling children to not only grasp the language but also connect with its cultural richness. At Pura Vida Talk, we encourage a friendly and welcoming community where students can learn together or separate.

Why Pura Vida Talk

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Community Driven



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Private Classes

|Enroll anytime |

Designed for kids from ages 5-15

Group Classes 

September 2023

| Open Enrollment |

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish language with our dynamic Group Classes!

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Kathy, Chicago

"This online Spanish class has been an absolute blast for my child! The combination of fun activities, interactive learning, and enthusiastic instructors has turned language learning into an exciting adventure. The creative approach keeps my child engaged and eager to participate, making every session something they look forward to...."

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