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Our Story

Empowering Cultural Connection:

The Pura Vida Talk Journey

¿Quién soy?
Y la historia de
Pura Vida Talk 

 ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Shaiska Malca Ditchie. I am twin mother, wife, and entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Panama. I am a former lawyer and a DEI advocate. My passion is to teach Spanish and Hispanic culture with the purpose of helping children develop a positive sense of self, multicultural awareness, and communication skills to expand their life opportunities in the future.

The inspiration for Pura Vida Talk arose from my 3-year-old boys whom I have taught Spanish since they were born. I have a deep-seated determination to educate them on the Spanish language as well as the Hispanic culture.  It is this passion that fuels my desire to share this love I have with others. 

My Bilingual Family

My Bilingual Family

Embracing the OPOL approach, we've cultivated a harmonious multilingual environment for our family, with our children thriving in bilingual programs, ensuring they confidently navigate the world with the gift of multilingualism

About Pura Vida! POO-rah VEE-dah

My mother has been my guiding light and mentor, particularly in her impressive career in education. She was my first source of support when I set out to create Pura Vida Talk. With our shared vision, we assembled an awesome team, including an Educational Psychologist, creative college students, and experienced teachers. Together, we embarked on the journey to develop a one-of-a-kind virtual program knowing how crucial is for children to learn Spanish from an early age. Given that the Hispanic community is the fastest-growing population in the USA, learning the Spanish language not only facilitates communication but also offers a profound insight into the vibrant Hispanic culture. 

We engaged in brainstorming sessions to infuse interactive content, innovative methodologies, and a cultural perspective from each of the twenty-one Hispanic countries into every class. We incorporated elements of art, environmental awareness, cultural appreciation, and emotional intelligence in a fun and engaging conversational format, making the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable for children.

Pura Vida Talk was born to empower children to connect with their Hispanic heritage, embrace multiculturalism, and build bridges with this rapidly growing community, allowing them to become global citizens with a broad cultural and linguistic understanding.

That's how Pura Vida Talk was born. We take pride in having crafted a comprehensive 5-level curriculum with over 300 virtual classes and resources, combining a conversation-based instructional approach with immersive exploration of Hispanic art, culture, wildlife, values, environment, food, and family life. Our goal is to make learning Spanish a dynamic and enriching experience, enabling children to connect with the rich tapestry of Hispanic heritage beyond traditional grammar lessons.

Our mission is to inspire parents by helping their children become global citizens who appreciate and celebrate the beauty of our diverse world, all while being equipped with the invaluable skill of bilingualism.

Pura Vida!

I am glad you found us! 

Shaiska Malca

Community Engagement

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". 
Mahatma Ghandi

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