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Private Class

3 Months 


per student

Ages 5-16

10 sessions

Live Classes

Enroll any time

Flexible Schedule 

Unleash your child's language potential and enhance their journey through personalized Spanish Immersive Private Classes, where language and culture combine in a thrilling one-on-one adventure! Empowering your child with confidence beyond the classroom, these sessions are designed to unlock their linguistic capabilities while fostering a deep appreciation for cultural connections.

Best Value

 Group Class

1 1/2 months

was $225.00


per student

Ages 5-16

6 sessions

Live Classes

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Our interactive group sessions provide the perfect platform for kids to practice speaking Spanish in a supportive and friendly environment. With the infusion of lively interactive games and thoughtfully guided discussions, our sessions effortlessly elevate their vocabulary and conversational proficiency, all while making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience.


Ages 5-16

Elevate your students' educational journey with our transformative Spanish enrichment classes for schools. Our program, guided by native Spanish teachers, doesn't just teach language—it ignites a cultural exploration, fostering genuine connections and deepening global perspectives. Through interactive experiences and tailored content, we empower students to become confident bilingual communicators while embracing the richness of Hispanic heritage. Join us in shaping a future where language opens doors and bridges cultures, making learning an adventure that lasts a lifetime.

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